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These speakers have been carefully selected by Bersin &amp; Associates analysts, who know them to be market leaders and innovators. You&#8217;ll learn much from their experiences, perspectives, and real-world advice.</p> <div class="item"></div> </div> </div> <div class="contenthdr" style="margin-top:55px;"> <div class="contentftr"> <div class="item"> <h3>IMPACT 2008 Executive Speakers</h3> <p><strong><img src="img/Callas-Miller_Gwen.jpg" alt="Callas-Miller_Gwen" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Callas-Miller, Gwen</span></strong><br /> <em>Executive Director for Global Leadership and Texton University</em> <br /> Textron, Inc.</p> <p>Gwen directs the enterprise development strategy, which encompasses succession planning, change management, performance management, employee engagement, learning and leadership development. Previously, Gwen held various management positions at Textron, including director of organizational capability, training and communications with Textron Automotive. She also held several leadership positions with TRW Inc. in the human resources and information systems functions before joining Textron in 1999. Gwen spent several years at Kent State University in Student Affairs where she implemented one of the first disabled student services programs in the US and served as an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Education. Gwen holds BA and MEd degrees from a Kent State University.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Carpenter_D'Anne.jpg" alt="Carpenter_D'Anne" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Carpenter, D&rsquo;Anne </span></strong><br /> <em>Executive Director, Organizational Learning and Development</em> <br /> Trinity Health</p> <p>D&rsquo;Anne provides leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of learning and development opportunities for Trinity Health staff at all levels in the organization. These opportunities include Trinity Health&rsquo;s Leadership Series, several annual enterprise-wide conferences, and online learning programs. She leads the annual recruitment of postgraduate students for the Trinity Health Fellowship Program. She has responsibility for Trinity Health&#8217;s associate engagement measurement process. She previously held the positions of Director, CQI, Mercy Health Services and held various management positions at Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital, in Detroit, including Vice President, Operations. D&rsquo;Anne is a Certified Public Accountant and an ASQ Certified Quality Manager.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Casey_David.jpg" alt="Casey, David" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Casey, David </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Talent Management</em> <br /> WellPoint, Inc.</p> <p>David leads the development and execution of enterprise wide strategies to target current and future talent needs across a workforce of 41,000 associates. Prior to coming to WellPoint, was the regional director of business development for Bernard Hodes Group, where he consulted with regional, national, and international. Currently, he serves as vice-chair of the board of directors for the Indianapolis Urban League, member of the board of directors for Park Tudor School and serves on other advisory boards. He was inducted into the National Eagle Leadership Institute in 2006 and recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of Indianapolis&#8217; 40 Under 40. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Clancy_Tom.jpg" alt="Clancy_Tom" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Clancy, Tom </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Educational Service and Productivity</em> <br /> EMC Corporation</p> <p>Tom has held various field and corporate roles at EMC, primarily in partner management of original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and channels. Prior to global education, Tom managed global sales productivity, focusing on field development, best practices and change execution. Since 2002, his chief responsibility has been to re-align training initiatives to meet the requirements of EMC&#8217;s business model transformation from a hardware product company to a technology-led provider of systems, software and services. Under Tom&#8217;s direction, EMC has transitioned from traditional ILT to a much more blended and situational learning approach for specialization, consulting, excellence, and leadership.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Cohen_Peter.jpg" alt="Cohen_Peter" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Cohen, Peter A. </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Product Marketing</em> <br /> Authoria</p> <p>Peter is responsible for marketing Authoria&#8217;s talent management solution, heading efforts to ensure that the company presents a solution that delivers compelling business value. He has been active in articulating the benefits of Authoria&#8217;s &ldquo;Make Talent Count&rdquo; approach to talent management. Prior to joining Authoria, Peter held marketing positions with technology companies including Red Bend Software, Sonexis, Concerto Software, IBM, Lotus, Computervision and Prime Computer. He also held market analyst positions with International Data Corporation. Peter received his AB from Vassar College and his MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Concelman_Jim.jpg" alt="Concelman_Jim" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Concelman, Jim </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Leadership Development</em> <br /> Development Dimensions International (DDI)</p> <p>For more than 20 years, Jim has helped organizations identify, develop and leverage their leadership talent to achieve competitive advantage in their industries. Recently Jim&#8217;s research and consulting has focused on equipping frontline leaders and middle managers to drive strategy execution and employee engagement. He also helps organizations develop and deploy talent management systems that achieve measurable results. Key clients he has worked with include BearingPoint, Gillette, Tenet Healthcare, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks. Formerly, he led a multidisciplinary client project team and DDI&#8217;s research and product development group. Before joining DDI, he spent 10 years at Mellon Financial Corporation in operations and wholesale banking. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Cowerd_Kevin.jpg" alt="Cowerd_Kevin" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Cowherd, Kevin </span></strong><br /> <em>Learning Transformational Leader</em> <br /> IBM Corporation</p> <p>Kevin is responsible for process, organization and information technology change to enable the future of learning. He is a member of the IBM learning leadership team reporting to the CLO. Kevin has seventeen years of experience in learning and development at IBM. He led IBM&#8217;s implementation of a vendor-based learning management system with over 375,000 global users in 2007. Kevin designed and implemented the technical strategy to enable On Demand Learning for the IBM Enterprise, including the development of IBM&#8217;s learning portal. Kevin holds a BS from the Georgia Institute of Technology. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Crowley_Rick.jpg" alt="Crowley_Rick" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Crowley, Rick J. </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Director of Learning Systems</em> <br /> NetApp University</p> <p>Rick has been applying his experience and background to re-engineer NetApp&#8217;s learning systems labyrinth. His extensive knowledge and expertise in enterprise application development, deployment and management is the foundation beneath his visionary business model. Previously, he was the driving force behind Cisco&#8217;s e-learning implementation project. He was responsible for identifying global, cross-functional stakeholders, defining their e-learning business requirements and reporting on the resulting business implications for Cisco. As director of technology training at Oracle, he was responsible for providing training to the sales organization. Before Oracle, Rick managed application development projects that included payroll systems and manufacturing.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Dedes_Liviu.jpg" alt="Dedes_Liviu" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Dedes, Liviu </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness and Development</em> <br /> ARAMARK</p> <p>Liviu&#8217;s areas of practice include performance management, succession and talent management, human capital metrics, and corresponding systems that support the domestic portfolio. ARAMARK is an 11B global managed services organization, operating in 13 countries with approximately 240,000 employees. Prior to joining ARAMARK, Liviu was director of training and organizational development at The Pep Boys &#8211; Manny, Moe &amp; Jack, the nation's leading automotive after-market retail and service chain. During his nine-year tenure with the company, he held positions of increasing responsibility in operations and human resources where he led the talent management initiatives. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Dholakia_Sanjay.jpg" alt="Dholakia_Sanjay" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Dholakia, Sanjay </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Vice President and General Manager <br /> Learning and Talent Management Business Unit</em> <br /> SumTotal Systems</p> <p>Sanjay is responsible for advancing the company&#8217;s leadership in the learning industry and integration across the talent management space. He also oversees the strategic investing and emerging business lines. Previously, he served as senior vice president for marketing and alliances at SumTotal. He was the vice president of marketing and business development for Docent, before the creation of SumTotal. He served as director of business development and acting COO for Pulse, Walker Digital company and as a consultant at McKinsey &amp; Company and Andersen Consulting. He holds a BS from the Wharton School and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Duquette_Don.jpg" alt="Duquette_Don" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Duquette, Don </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Vice President of Learning Solutions</em> <br /> General Physics Corporation</p> <p>Don is responsible for the company&#8217;s global training outsourcing practice. He has over 25 years of workforce learning experience. His international consulting experience includes blended learning, learning strategies, and corporate training governance. Previously, he was the COO of GP e-Learning Technologies Inc. where he guided e-Learning&#8217;s operational strategy and the development and implementation of e-learning solutions. He holds a BS (Mechanical Engineering) from Johns Hopkins University and an Executive MBA from Loyola. He is a recognized authority on learning and corporate training strategies and a frequent presenter at industry conferences. He was named as one of the industries most influential training professionals in 2007.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Eldridge_Tammie.jpg" alt="Eldridge_Tammie" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Eldridge, Tammie </span></strong><br /> <em>Solution Marketing Director</em> <br /> SAP America</p> <p>Tammie is responsible for development input, sales and marketing of the SAP Enterprise Learning environment. Tammie&#8217;s professional experience over the last 9 years at SAP has included selling the HCM products, development of the SAP learning solution and performance management and implementing the HCM solution. Before joining SAP, Tammie served as a training manager for a major manufacturing company where she installed the first LMS Registrar. She received a bachelor&#8217;s degree in business administration in management and a master&#8217;s degree in Human Resources/Labor Relations from the University of Illinois. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Faust_Christopher.jpg" alt="Faust_Christopher" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Faust, Christopher </span></strong><br /> <em>Executive Vice President of Global Strategy</em> <br /> Softscape</p> <p>Christopher provides market strategy and global marketing leadership that has resulted in Softscape emerging as the category leader for integrated people management solutions. Christopher brings more than 18 years of experience in global enterprise software specifically for human resources. He is published frequently, is the author of the annual &ldquo;State of the Talent Nation&rdquo; report, and is often quoted, providing insight into market trends, HR best practices, and key strategies for achieving operational excellence. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Fetterman-Gaughan_Michele.jpg" alt="Fetterman-Gaughan_Michele" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Fetterman-Gaughan, Michele </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President and Talent Planning Manager</em> <br /> Commerce Bank</p> <p>Michele has been instrumental in building and implementing strategic talent management programs in line with organizational goals, vision and direction for the Commercial Banking Division. Her hands-on approach to the identification, development and placement of internal talent has resulted in measurable returns. She also manages the curriculum and talent pipeline for leadership development and executive coaching programs for high potential employees. Michele&#8217;s professional experience includes a background in HR, consulting and various project management roles with Accenture and Drexel University. She holds a BSBA from Bloomsburg State University and an MBA with a focus on Organization Management from Drexel University. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Fritz_Doris.jpg" alt="Fritz_Doris" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Fritz, Doris</span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Learning and Development</em> <br /> Metlife</p> <p>Over the past 3 years, Doris has lead a re-alignment of the entire learning function to strengthen capabilities through centralized design function, competency and learning portfolio centers of excellence, and performance consulting roles. In addition, she has implemented a comprehensive learning technology platform. Currently, she is leading the effort to implement an integrated talent management platform connecting talent assessment and planning, competency management, development planning, goal setting and performance management&#59; aligned with learning and talent acquisition. Doris has over 15 years experience in various business roles. Her focus is on understanding business drivers and developing organizational capabilities to achieve current objectives, and enabling future growth and change.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Gallo_Kathleen.jpg" alt="Gallo_Kathleen" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Gallo, Kathleen, RN, Ph.D </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Vice President and CLO</em> <br /> North Shore-LIJ Health System</p> <p>Kathleen is responsible for leadership development, the creation and implementation of a comprehensive learning strategy, and the development of a new HR architecture that transforms the role of human resources into a strategic business partner. She has more than 25 years experience in emergency nursing, having held a variety of clinical and administrative positions. She serves on numerous professional committees and advisory boards. She has authored articles and is a noted speaker in her field. She received her BSN at Regents College, MS (Nursing) from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Ph.D. (Nursing) and MBA from Adelphi University, where she was inducted in the Hall of Fame. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Goh_Frederick.jpg" alt="Goh_Frederick" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Goh, Frederick </span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Strategic Learning, Caterpillar University</em> <br /> Caterpillar Inc.</p> <p>Frederick, as chief learning strategist, has responsibility for enterprise learning strategy, benchmarking, and best practices within the L&amp;D space. In 2000, Fred was a member of the strategy team that recommended the creation of Caterpillar University to institutionalize continual learning. Over the past three years, his work has focused on the impact of learning and development on employee engagement to take Caterpillar&#8217;s learning strategy to the next level. In his 27-year career, Fred&#8217;s experience spans across engineering, marketing, management consulting, strategic business planning, and human resources. He holds a Business Administration degree and a Masters in Human Resource Development. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Hartley_Lisa.jpg" alt="Hartley_Lisa" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Hartley, Lisa</span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Product Marketing</em> <br /> Taleo Corporation</p> <p>Lisa has been in the software industry for two decades. She held several business development, strategy, and marketing roles at Unisys and PeopleSoft before joining Taleo. At PeopleSoft she developed the HCM Thought Leadership Forum. Lisa has also written extensively on human capital management subjects such as The ROI of Human Capital Management, Turning Analytics Into Action, The Hidden ROI of Talent Acquisition and Mobility, and The Value of Unified Recruiting and Performance. She serves on the IHRIM board. Lisa holds a BS from the University of the Pacific and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Herring_Sam.jpg" alt="Herring_Sam" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Herring, Sam </span></strong><br /> <em>Executive Vice President</em> <br /> Intrepid Learning Solutions</p> <p>Sam is co-founder of Intrepid Learning Solutions. He leads the company&#8217;s sales, solution architecture, marketing and account management functions. He is a member of ASTD&#8217;s Board of Directors, and is recognized as a &ldquo;Who&#8217;s Who&rdquo; training industry thought leader by TrainingOutsourcing.com. Sam is a frequent speaker at leading industry conferences and seminars, where he speaks on topics ranging from designing effective corporate learning strategies, to best practices in vendor selection, and outsourcing. He holds a masters degree from Harvard University, where he studied ethics, religion and workforce development, and a bachelors degree in history from Yale University. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Higgins_John.jpg" alt="Higgins_John" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Higgins, John </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Director of Innovation Development</em> <br /> Accenture HR &amp; Learning BPO Service</p> <p>John is responsible for leading the deployment and adoption of innovative solutions and capabilities. John serves as an Accenture learning liaison to the analyst community, HR &amp; learning industry organizations, alliance partners, and key clients. He leads the Accenture Learning Innovation Forum. John&#8217;s current areas of focus and research include&#58; re-designing and improving the process for engaging subject matter experts in learning content creation, the deployment of rapid e-learning, integrated workflow learning and increasing the business impact of learning. There is a U.S. patent pending for John&#8217;s work in measuring the impact of learning on business results and his work in the development of a business measurement framework. It has been recognized with an Accenture Inventor&#8217;s Award.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Karel_David.jpg" alt="Karel_David" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Karel, David </span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Product Marketing</em> <br /> SuccessFactors</p> <p>David is responsible for marketing the company&#8217;s suite of performance and talent management applications. David has 15 years of experience in marketing and information technology. Prior to SuccessFactors, he held positions at Instill Corporation, SiVerion, Siebel Systems, and was the founder and CEO of MBAVision, an online recruiting and career development portal. David holds a BA from Tufts University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Kelly_Deborah.jpg" alt="Kelly_Deborah" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Kelly, Deborah A. </span></strong><br /> <em>Head of Learning Services</em> <br /> Aetna, Inc.</p> <p>Deborah currently directs enterprise learning services, where she has responsibility for enterprise learning strategy and infrastructure, and learning content. Throughout her career, she has played an instrumental role in creating innovative educational solutions that drive business success. She has also been instrumental in implementing state-of-the-art learning technology, including Aetna&#8217;s first learning management and talent management systems. She is a contributing author to &ldquo;A Guide to Recruiting, Hiring and Training Managed Care Executives&rdquo;. Aetna Inc. has been recognized as a best-practice training company on Training Magazine&#8217;s Top 100 list for the past four years. Deborah has a BS in Business and Economics from Albertus Magnus College.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Klepinger_Lee.jpg" alt="Klepinger_Lee" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Klepinger, Lee </span></strong><br /> <em>President and CEO</em> <br /> Impact Achievement Group, Inc.</p> <p>Lee is a recognized leader in the training industry, he has held key executive positions in sales, marketing, training, and consulting at Xerox Corporation, Apple Computer, Novell, and others, Lee was an early pioneer of eLearning and created one of the first integrated, corporate universities. In a published article in 1999, Lee coined the term &ldquo;blended learning&rdquo; which has become widely accepted as an optimum model for learning effectiveness. Holding a Masters Degree in Instructional Design, he and his organizations have been recognized for innovative approaches, on-time/on-budget performance, and a focus on bottom-line business results.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Langham_Karen.jpg" alt="Langham_Karen" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Langham, Karen</span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Learning and Development</em> <br /> Extra Space Storage</p> <p>Karen Langham serves as Vice President of Learning and Development at Extra Space Storage, with more than 650 sites across the US and 2200 employees. As part of the operations team and reporting to the COO, Karen is responsible for the development and execution of the learning strategy for the company. Karen has been with Extra Space Storage for over 10 years and in that time has also overseen a variety of operational strategies including call center, marketing, customer insurance, and retail sales. Karen has a business degree from the University of Notre Dame.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Lauber_Rob.jpg" alt="Lauber_Rob" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Lauber, Rob </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President</em> <br /> YUM&#33; Yum! University &amp; Global Learning Services, YUM&#33; Brands, Inc.</p> <p>Rob leads the direction and strategy for Yum&#33; University, providing learning leadership and strategy across Yum&#33; Previously, he was executive director of learning services at Cingular Wireless in Atlanta&#59; his team was recognized as a Top 100 Training organization by Training Magazine over three consecutive years. In 2005, Rob was recognized by CLO Magazine as a Learning in Practice Gold Award winner for Achieving Impact &amp; Leading Business Change. Rob holds a BA in Communications from University of Scranton and an MS in Human Resources Development from Rochester Institute of Technology. Rob is on ASTD&#8217;s National Board of Directors and National Public Policy Council.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Lowrie_Alex.jpg" alt="Lowrie_Alex" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Lowrie, Alex </span></strong><br /> <em>Global Practice Lead for Learning</em> <br /> Convergys Corporation</p> <p>Alex is responsible for planning, designing, launching, and evangelizing new and enhanced Learning and Talent Management products and services. He has eleven years experience designing and delivering learning programs and services for clients in technology, banking, and healthcare verticals. In his prior role of director of operations, Alex successfully deployed offshore learning operations business services to expand Convergys&#8217; global learning outsourcing capabilities. Alex holds a bachelors degree from the University of California at Davis and a masters degree in instructional technologies from San Francisco State University.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Lucas_Jeff.jpg" alt="Lucas_Jeff" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Jeff Lucas </span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Communications</em> <br /> Raytheon Professional Services, LLC</p> <p>Jeff leads the global strategic planning, marketing and communications for Raytheon Professional Services LLC (RPS), a subsidiary of Raytheon Company that provides training outsourcing services to clients in 75 countries and 28 languages. He has been instrumental in establishing RPS as a top-tier training outsourcing provider. Jeff has most recently published research and presented at conferences on globally integrating corporate training functions and on improving the effectiveness of senior learning leaders. Lucas holds undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA degree from Brigham Young University. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Miller_Adam.jpg" alt="Miller_Adam" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Miller, Adam </span></strong><br /> <em>President and CEO</em> <br /> Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.</p> <p>Adam has developed and driven the long-term vision and growth for the company, since inception in 1999. Cornerstone OnDemand has achieved a leadership position in integrated, on-demand talent management and online education. Miller was an investment banker, with a focus on media and technology banking. Miller holds a JD from the UCLA School of Law, an MBA from the Anderson School of Business, a BS in System Analysis from the Wharton School, and a BA in European History from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a CPA with Series 7 certifications. Miller has co-authored two books&#58; Business Capital for Women and Managing your Inheritance. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Monahan_Anne.jpg" alt="Monahan_Anne" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Monahan, Anne H. </span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Succession and Talent Management</em> <br /> BAE Systems</p> <p>Anne is responsible for identifying, assessing and developing high potential talent to ensure that BAE Systems is poised to meet its strategic objectives now and into the future. Anne&#8217;s early professional experience includes 10 years in the financial industry managing bank branches and managing mutual fund representatives and stockbrokers. During her tenure in systems training and leadership development/OD, Anne gained the needs assessment, instructional design, and OD skills that have led to her to the talent management arena. Anne has particular experience in culturally onboarding new leaders during mergers/acquisition activity. Anne holds BA in Economics from the University of Maryland.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Parks_David.jpg" alt="Parks_David" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Parks, David </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Business Development</em> <br /> Bluepoint Leadership Development</p> <p>David is responsible for leading business development activity and account management for major clients such as Microsoft, General Electric, DHL and Starbucks. He has over 20 years business experience with previous managerial positions at Marks &amp; Spencer, Omnicom and a division of Forte Hotels in London. David spent nine years with the Tom Peters Company before the spin-off of Bluepoint Leadership Development in 2004. He holds business degrees from the UK&#8217;s Northumbria University and Teesside University Business School and is professionally qualified with the British Institute of Management and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Pehle_Ann.jpg" alt="Pehle_Ann" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Pehle, Ann </span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Global Leadership Development</em> <br /> Textron</p> <p>Ann is responsible for the enterprise succession planning process. Textron is an &#36;11 billion global multi-industry company with market-leading brands and businesses serving the general aviation, aerospace and defense, industrial and commercial finance markets. Three years in her current role, Ann has been with Textron ten years in various business unit generalist HR executive and corporate HR positions. Prior to joining Textron, Ann held generalist HR executive positions in small privately held companies. Ann holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Rabideau_Rick.jpg" alt="Rabideau_Rick" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Rabideau, Rick, Ph.D. </span></strong><br /> <em>Leader of Enterprise Learning Solutions</em> <br /> MetLife</p> <p>Rick&#8217;s team is responsible for providing global learning services in areas of design, development, learning portfolios and administration. Prior to joining MetLife, Rick gained more than 20 years of learning leadership experience at Apple Computer, Prudential and GE. He is recognized as a performance &#8211; learning innovator, who is constantly scanning the horizon for more efficient and effective means to help people learn better, faster and with high transfer to performance.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Radhakrishnan_Mohana.jpg" alt="Radhakrishnan_Mohana" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Radhakrishnan, Mohana </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Client Services</em> <br /> Expertus, Inc.</p> <p>Mohana provides strategic counsel to evaluate, redefine and transform learning practices and programs. She also develops key performance metrics to monitor and improve these initiatives. Clients value Mohana&#8217;s ability to forge deep, trusting relationships, and consider her a critical advisor because she balances a seasoned, &ldquo;big picture&rdquo; perspective with relentless attention to detail. Mohana&#8217;s leadership as a learning solutions strategist was recently acknowledged, when she was named among the &ldquo;Top 20 Most Influential Training Professionals&rdquo; by TrainingIndustry.com. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Ray_J.W.jpg" alt="Ray_J.W" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Ray, J.W. </span></strong><br /> <em>COO</em> <br /> Learn.com</p> <p>J.W. is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and developing comprehensive sales and marketing programs. He previously served as a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley and assistant vice president at Merrill Lynch for 8 years. He spent over 10 years in the food and beverage industry, including owning his own restaurant at 19 years of age. He also served proudly in the U.S. Army.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Russell_Frank.jpg" alt="Russell_Frank" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Russell, Frank A. </span></strong><br /> <em>President and CEO</em> <br /> GeoLearning, Inc.</p> <p>Under Frank&#8217;s direction, GeoLearning has grown to be the leading provider of on-demand learning and performance management platforms. The company&#8217;s success has been recognized with several awards, including ranking on the Software 500 and Inc. 500 lists for three consecutive years, Training Product of the Year from <em>HR Executive Magazine</em>, and several American Business Awards, including Most Innovative Company. In 2005, Frank himself was named the Ernst &amp; Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the business services category for the Central Midwest Region and Small Business Person of the Year for the State of Iowa by the U.S. Small Business Administration.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Placeholder.jpg" alt="Placeholder.jpg" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Shafer, Mary M. </span></strong><br /> <em>Executive Vice President</em> <br /> RWD</p> <p>Mary is responsible for strategic initiatives, including managed learning services and enterprise learning strategy. Previously, she led RWD&#8217;s largest business unit, generating over 40&#37; of the company&#8217;s total revenue for the last 3 years. In that capacity, she was responsible for two North American divisions. Mary was also responsible for organizational development for the group&#8217;s 350 employees, including competency development, succession planning, and employee and leadership development. Previously, as VP of European operations, she was responsible for developing new business throughout Europe and overseeing operations in Benelux, Germany, and the United Kingdom. She is an RWD certified project manager. She holds a BA in English from James Madison University.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Sharpe_James.jpg" alt="Sharpe_James" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Sharpe, James </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Strategic Learning Solutions</em> <br /> Ninth House</p> <p>James has a broad portfolio of global experience focusing on applying technology to transform human performance and learning. James has developed operational and thought leadership strategies on learning and performance in the corporate, government, military, higher education and compulsory education markets. Previously, he was IBM&#8217;s lead global executive in developing and executing worldwide learning strategy. He is the founder of the Customized Learning Experience Online (CLEO). He has won numerous awards and is a frequent speaker. James holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and course work at University of Southern California in pursuit of a Masters in Systems Management. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Smith_Roland.jpg" alt="Smith_Roland" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Smith, Roland </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Faculty</em> <br /> Center for Creative Leadership</p> <p>Roland is involved in research around talent sustainability and peak performance. Previously, Roland was co-founder and president of national consulting firm focused on addressing organizational performance and served as president for a human resource consulting. Roland has served as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award examiner and as a judge for the Louisiana and Idaho Quality Awards. Roland served as a faculty member at Albertson College of Idaho teaching courses in entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and human resource management. Roland received his bachelor&#8217;s degree in finance and a masters degree in instructional/performance technology from Boise State University, and his PhD from the University of Idaho. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Sparta_Paul.jpg" alt="Sparta_Paul" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Sparta, Paul </span></strong><br /> <em>Chairman and CEO</em> <br /> Plateau Systems</p> <p>Paul is a pioneer in learning and performance management. He has been the guiding force at Plateau Systems its inception in 1996.  During his tenure, Plateau has earned numerous awards and accolades from industry analysts, business organizations, and leading trade and business publications. Paul was honored as the recipient of the Ernst &amp; Young Software and Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2004. He continues to lead Plateau&#8217;s vision, growth, and expansion into new markets. Paul is a veteran of the US Navy and the consulting industry. He has authored several articles on workforce productivity and the role of performance management and development. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Stewart_Jane.jpg" alt="Stewart_Jane" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Stewart, Jane </span></strong><br /> <em>Principal for Performance Management and Career Development</em> <br /> Mercer</p> <p>Based in London, Jane is responsible for executive talent management. Her responsibilities include providing learning support, resources and infrastructure for over 6,000 employees in 22 European countries. Jane previously worked in retail, manufacturing and leisure sectors for a number of organizations including Diageo and Steelcase Inc. Jane&#8217;s career has included a variety of roles including general management, HR and talent management. She holds a joint degree in English Literature and Italian from Edinburgh University and an MSc in Training from Leicester University. She has been a member of the UK Employment Tribunal Service since 1994, is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Teal_Stephen.jpg" alt="Teal_Stephen" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Teal, Steven </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President and CLO</em> <br /> Honeywell International</p> <p>Steven is responsible for driving employee development at Honeywell International, a &#36;35B manufacturing conglomerate employing over 135,000 people globally. He ensures the company has the right skills and talent to win in the marketplace today and tomorrow. He is an accomplished learning professional and sought after speaker with more than twenty years of corporate, government, academic, entrepreneurial, and consulting experience. He has a proven track record of success and international recognition as a thought leader in the areas of learning, knowledge management, talent development, instructional design, learning analytics, e-Learning, and performance technologies.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Tedrick_Lou.jpg" alt="Tedrick_Lou" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Tedrick, Lou S. </span></strong><br /> <em>Staff Vice President of Workforce Development</em> <br /> Verizon Wireless</p> <p>Lou is an HR professional with expertise in organization development, learning and development, and employee relations. Lou is responsible for company-wide curriculum development and leadership development delivery. She is also responsible for enterprise L &amp; D systems, operations &amp; analytics, succession planning and executive development, and for LearningLINK. Prior to Verizon Wireless, Lou held positions as management and organizational consultant, and various HR positions. Under her leadership, Verizon Wireless has been recognized 6 consecutive years as a Training Top 125 organization. Lou holds a Master of Labor and Human Resources and a Master of Science from The Ohio State University where she also earned her Bachelor&#8217;s degree.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Thomas_Kathy.jpg" alt="Thomas_Kathy" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Thomas, Kathy </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Learning and Development</em> <br /> Northrop Grumman Corporation</p> <p>Kathy works closely with all Northrop Grumman sectors to set the strategic agenda for developing and implementing the company&#8217;s global talent management and people development processes and programs for employees worldwide. She is responsible for employee and executive development, performance management, strategic talent management, and human capital strategy. Her experience spans more than 15 years in senior human resource development positions in the electric utility and financial services industries. She achieved national recognition receiving the Workforce Journal&#8217;s 1993 Optimas Award in the &ldquo;Managing Change&rdquo; category. She received a bachelor&#8217;s degree from Mount Holyoke College and a master&#8217;s degree in Human Resource Development from George Washington University.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Trolley_Edward.jpg" alt="Trolley_Edward" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Trolley, Edward A.</span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Learning Outsourcing</em> <br /> Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS)</p> <p>Ed is recognized for having started the training outsourcing market when he outsourced all of DuPont&#8217;s training to the Forum Corporation in 1993. After joining Forum, he continued to advance this concept with leading companies such as The Moore Corporation, NCR, and Irving Oil. He was named one of the &ldquo;100 Superstars of HR Outsourcing&rdquo; by <em>HRO Today magazine </em>and one of the industry&#8217;s 20 most influential people in training by TrainingIndustry.com. He is co-author of the book, <em>Running Training Like a Business</em>. His concepts have been included in hundreds of business publications around the globe. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Vinoskey_Jonathan.jpg" alt="Vinoskey_Jonathan" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Vinoskey, Jonathan </span></strong><br /> <em>Learning Management Product Strategist</em> <br /> Oracle</p> <p>Jonathan is responsible for learning management product strategy for Oracle Corporation. Bringing over 15 years of industry experience to Oracle&#8217;s human capital management strategy organization, Jonathan has focused for the past several years on developing products for the learning management market. Before joining the Oracle product strategy team, he was the product manager for the learning and performance management products at Siebel Systems. Jonathan holds MBA and MS degrees from George Mason University, and a BBA from Radford University. He is also a faculty member of the University of Phoenix.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Williams_Jerry.jpg" alt="Williams_Jerry" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Williams, Jerry</span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Human Resources</em> <br /> Waste Management</p> <p>Jerry has responsibilities for linking human resource practices to the growth and volume strategies for Waste Management. Jerry began his career after college, in 1985, as a Management Analyst/Consultant for E.L. Hamm &amp; Associates in Virginia. After leaving the consulting practice in 1991, Jerry entered the field of human resources where he focused on organizational restructuring/merger &amp; acquisition, labor relations and organizational development/effectiveness for various companies such as Eaton Corporation, The Gillette Company, Motorola and Lubrizol.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Yakiemchuk_Michael.jpg" alt="Yakiemchuk_Michael" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Yakiemchuk, Michael</span></strong><br /> <em>Vice President of Learning</em> <br /> CA</p> <p>Michael has more than 15 years of experience in the training industry in both the government and private sector. He is responsible for all learning infrastructure, technology, learner management, and eLearning development at CA for employees, partners, and customers. Before joining CA in 1997, Michael was a Chinese Mandarin Cryptologic Linguist in the USAF. Afterward he went on to head the linguistic training and testing at the National Security Agency and the U.S. Air Force. He specialized in distance learning and certification for all military and civilian Chinese Mandarin linguists worldwide. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Yazdani_Bobby.jpg" alt="Yazdani_Bobby" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Yazdani, Bobby </span></strong><br /> <em>Chairman and CEO</em> <br /> Saba</p> <p>Bobby is the driving force behind the Saba vision, products, and market direction. He founded Saba in 1997. Saba, headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, is the leading provider of people management software and services with more than 1200 customers. As a thought leader in the industry, Yazdani was named a finalist for the Ernst has written numerous technical and business papers. Prior to founding Saba, he served as senior director at Oracle Corporation where he held various senior management positions and led the product development teams for Oracle Context. He has a BA in Applied Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Young_Jason.jpg" alt="Young_Jason" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Young, Jason</span></strong><br /> <em>President</em> <br /> LeadSmart, Inc</p> <p>Jason Young, a former Southwest Airlines leader and author of <em>Culturetopia</em>, offers powerful insights into developing people and changing company culture. During his tenure with Southwest, he was a key driver in creating and developing the company&#8217;s innovative training programs for its successful leadership and customer service culture that have become renowned in the business world today.</p> </div> </div> <div class="contenthdr"> <div class="contentftr"> <div class="item"> <h3>Bersin &amp; Associates Analysts</h3> <p><strong><img src="img/Bersin_Josh.jpg" alt="Bersin_Josh" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Bersin, Josh </span></strong><br /> <em>President</em></p> <p>Josh Bersin has worked with hundreds of companies in the development, management and measurement of high impact learning programs. In 2001, he founded Bersin &amp; Associates to provide research and advisory services focused on corporate learning. Current research topics encompass talent management, planning and strategy, blended learning, content development, learning management systems, measurement and analytics, and employee performance management. Bersin has more than 25 years of experience in the development, implementation, marketing and sales of e-learning and other enterprise technology products. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, a regular contributor to leading training publications, and the author of <em>The Blended Learning Book: Best Practices, Proven Methodologies, and Lessons Learned</em> (October 2004, Wylie/Pfeiffer). Earlier in his career, Josh held product management, marketing and sales positions at DigitalThink (now Convergys), Arista Knowledge Systems, Sybase, and IBM.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Howard_Chris.jpg" alt="Howard_Chris" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Howard, Chris </span></strong><br /> <em>Vice-President of Research</em></p> <p>Chris Howard Chris Howard, a co-founder of Bersin &amp; Associates, has an extensive background in learning and enterprise systems technology and is an expert in LMS systems, development tools, and content integration. He has provided research and consulting services in the deployment of e-learning solutions to hundreds of organizations. Howard is the author of several recent Bersin &amp; Associates reports including <em>Learning Content Management Systems: What Works and Content Integration in Enterprise E-Learning: Challenges, Costs, Solutions</em>. He is a contributor to several training publications and is a frequent speaker and panel discussion moderator at leading industry events. Earlier in his career, Howard held positions in learning product development, implementation, consulting and management for Pathware, Macromedia, IBM and DigitalThink (now Convergys).</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Lamoureaux_Kim.jpg" alt="Lamoureaux_Kim" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Lamoureux, Kim </span></strong><br /> <em>Principal Analyst </em></p> <p>Kim Lamoureux directs Bersin &amp; Associates&#8217; research in leadership development and succession planning. She has more than a decade of experience in human resources and talent management, with areas of expertise in senior leadership training, career development, 360° feedback, performance management, succession planning and process improvement. Lamoureaux is the author of recent reports including <em>WhatWorks&reg; in High-Impact Leadership Development: Best Practices and Case Studies and Succession Planning in Leadership Development: How to Build a Leadership Pipeline</em>. LamoureuxAssociates&#8217;s previous experience includes several training and development management positions at Textron Inc., an &36;11B global multi-industry manufacturer and service provider. Most recently, she was manager of leadership development and training, responsible for the design, development, implementation and evaluation of global leadership and professional development programs and processes.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Levensaler_Leighanne.jpg" alt="Levensaler_Leighanne" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Levensaler, Leighanne </span></strong><br /> <em>Principal Analyst </em></p> <p>Leighanne Levensaler directs the company s research and advisory services in performance management and talent management systems. Levensaler has over 12 years consulting experience helping Fortune 1000 companies develop and implement human capital management solutions. Previously, Levensaler was responsible for the development of the enterprise learning consulting practice at SystemLink Enterprise Solutions, solution design manager for the global services division of SmartForce (now SkillSoft), director of e-learning for Gulfstream Aerospace, director of organizational development for Edutrek International/AUI, and HR consultant for Deloitte Consulting. She is the author of recent reports including Talent Management Suites  Market Realities, Implementation Experiences, and Vendor Profiles and Talent Management: What Can We Learn From Experienced Companies. Levensaler frequently contributes to industry publications, facilitates public workshops, and presents at industry conferences. </p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Oleonard_Karen.jpg" alt="Oleonard_Karen" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">O&#8217;Leonard, Karen </span></strong><br /> <em>Principal Analyst</em></p> <p>Karen O'LeonardKaren O&#8217;Leonard directs primary research and industry studies for Bersin &amp; Associates. She brings more than 15 years of experience in technology research, analysis, and product management. &#8217;Leonard has been the lead researcher and writer for numerous Bersin &amp; Associates&#8217;Leonard studies including <em>The Corporate Learning Factbook&reg; 2007: Statistics, Benchmarks and Analysis of the U.S. Corporate Training Market</em> and <em>LMS 2006: Facts, Practical Analysis, Trends, and Vendor Profiles</em>. She also leads Bersin &amp; Associates&#8217; annual LMS Customer Satisfaction Industry Study. Previously, O&#8217;Leonard spent more than a decade as a senior Silicon Valley marketing executive with eBay, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Arth_Barb.jpg" alt="Arth_Barb" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Arth, Barb </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Advisory Consultant</em></p> <p>Arth has worked with Fortune 500 companies on a wide variety of learning and talent-related initiatives, such as the development and delivery of competency-based curricula, job role development linked to critical business goals, global leadership development models. Prior to joining Bersin &amp; Associates, Arth held senior global learning and leadership development management positions with LexisNexis, United Airlines, Owens Corning Corporation, and Motorola. She also has held senior management and consulting roles with Arthur Andersen, LearnShare, and Thomson NetG.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Harris_Stacey.jpg" alt="Harris_Stacey" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Harris, Stacey </span></strong><br /> <em>Director of Strategic Services </em></p> <p>Stacey Harris&#8217; primary role is to leverage Bersin &amp; Associates WhatWorks&reg; research and benchmarking data to address research members&#8217; specific talent management and enterprise learning strategy and planning requirements. Harris has more than 13 years in performance consulting, learning and development, and HR. Previously, Harris held key positions leading the enterprise-wide learning and organizational effectiveness functions within the retail industry at JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores and franchised sales industry at Management Recruiters International. In these positions Harris&#8217; work was recognized in profile articles in Chief Learning Officer and Training magazines. Harris has also designed, developed, and implemented learning solutions for organizations such as KeyCorp, Kent State University, Inventory Solutions, and Brulant. Her background includes experience leading enterprise-wide change management initiatives and technology implementations, business process alignments, and the design and implementation of strategic learning solutions.</p> <p><img src="img/rule1.jpg" alt="rule1.jpg" width="670" height="13" /></p> <p><strong><img src="img/Johnson_Al.jpg" alt="Johnson_Al" width="89" height="76" align="left" /><span class="style1">Johnson, Al </span></strong><br /> <em>Senior Advisory Consultant </em></p> <p>Al has more than 20 years of experience in human resource management, learning and development, talent management systems, and performance consulting. Prior to joining Bersin &amp; Associates, Al managed global and enterprise learning, performance, and HR change management initiatives for Eastman Kodak, Pitney Bowes, and Danka Corporation. His work has been recognized and awarded as both innovative and results-driven, with a focus on linking talent management to business strategy and goals.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="4" class="ftrpd">&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> <div id="site-info"> Copyright &copy; 2008 Bersin & Associates 2008. All rights reserved. </div> </div> </body> </html>